Line Construction and Maintenance

The Energy Group provides a full scope of construction and maintenance services for electrical distribution systems and have supported several electrical distribution systems. Our services include the ability to perform end-to-end distribution projects, with the ability to modify existing electrical infrastructure while maintaining service to the end customer. We perform all distribution line construction and maintenance projects including:

  • Overhead Line Construction
  • Underground Line Construction
  • Pole Top Maintenance
  • Live-Line Reconductor Maintenance
  • Utility Pole Transfers
  • Street Light Repair and Maintenance
  • Service Connections

Line Clearance and Vegetation Management

The Energy Group provides line clearance and vegetation management services to electrical utilities and cooperatives in order to clear rights-of-way for public safety and electrical service reliability. As a part of our vegetation management program, we work with our clients to ensure that trees are trimmed on a 3 to 5 year cycle, in order to prevent contact between power lines and limbs to reduce the constant threat of electrical outages. The Energy Group recognizes and maintains a balance between public safety and services needs, while respecting our communities’ landscapes. Our services include:

  • Tree Trimming and Removal
  • Brush Control
  • Herbicide Spraying
  • Debris Hauling and Disposal

Emergency Storm Response

The Energy Group is able to rapidly mobilize our fleet of equipment and support vehicles across a vast geographic footprint. Our skilled transmission and distribution crews have developed a history of providing our clients with high quality performance and a proactive attitude towards both safety and quality, even under the most adverse conditions experienced during storm responses. The Energy Group offers dispatch services for emergency storm response to utilities and cooperatives, including:

  • Dispatch Services and Response
  • Emergency Line Restoration
  • Emergency Line Clearance
  • Logistics Management


At Energy Group, we believe that dependability is a defining characteristic of any successful organization. With this in mind, we've spent years honing our processes and procedures to ensure that reliability is part of our company's DNA. As a result, we don't just meet our clients' expectations - we exceed them. Every time.